Starting Your ATM Business

You Have Two Options

You Own The ATM

We Own The ATM

Start Your ATM Business In Three Steps

Step One

Find A Great Location For An ATM.
This step is the key to running a successful ATM business.

Step Two

Negotiate A Deal With The Property Owner To Provide An ATM.
We can help you with this step.
FACT: 80% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent on-site, according to a VISA study.

Step Three

Buy An ATM & Process With Us – We Will Ship & Install It For You At No Cost.

You Are Now In Business

Every time a customer withdraws cash from your machine,
you collect the transaction fee known as a "surcharge."

The average surcharge fee is around $3.00 nationally.

Prefer Not To Invest In An ATM?

You can get the benefits without the hassles, AND you get to share in the revenues.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You can get started in the ATM business for as little as $2000. With this investment, you can purchase your first machine. Now, you’ll need to stock it with inventory. You can stock your machine with as little as little or as much inventory as you’d like.

ATMs are very profitable businesses because there is very little overhead. Consider that you don’t need employees,  no storefront or rental space is required, and there is a low start-up investment.

At just 6-10 transactions per day, you’ll make a daily gross profit of $15 – $25 per day per machine. Therefore, the income potential of one ATM in a retail business could be around $450 – $750 per month, per machine, if your ATM is available seven days per week.

EMV compliance law stipulates that all businesses need to upgrade their point-of-sale (POS) systems to accommodate EMV chip cards and EMV compliance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid liability under the new Credit Card Chip Reader Law.

Why Work With Us

  • For many people, an ATM business starts as a side hustle because this business can be easily operated part-time, and earning potential can be up to thousands of dollars every month.

  • We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and build their ATM business from start-up to gaining maximum operational efficiencies.

  • Our experts will work closely with you to help you find the best possible location for your ATM. You should explore gas stations, dispensaries, convenience stores, bars, malls, and nightclubs in your area, as these often make great potential ATM locations.
  • Our ATMs can work on the internet, a phone line, or a cellular system.
  • We have both new and used ATMs to fit any potential location’s unique needs.
  • Since 2004, we’ve been helping Start-up Businesses. We know what works!
  • Our Customer Support is FREE and stands by to help you. We Are Invested In Your Success!
  • We have the Best ATM Business Program In The Industry.     Learn More

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You can earn monthly revenue without the hassle of maintenance or spending the money to buy an ATM.

With our Free ATM Placement Program, you get an ATM for your business while we handle the entire machine cost, installation, maintenance, cash management, processing, and parts repair.

You get the benefits without the hassles, and you get to share in the revenues