A hotel in Austin, Texas

Business Problems

  1. Their business goal is to provide quality service and convenience for their customers.
  2. They want to make money off their guests.
  3. They want to increase their profits.

Solutions Provided by United ATM Group

  1. We installed digital currency conversion software onto their ATM. This allows people out of country to use their international debit and credit cards at the ATM to pull USD in lieu of whatever world currency they have at their banks. This helps the hotel cater to international guests. Guests can withdraw money at the hotel for adventures and sightseeing, which helps the hotel provide the convenience they are known for.
  2. People at the hotel can convert any money they need at the hotel. This keeps money inside the hotel for additional tips, restaurant and souvenir charges, and room fees.
  3. The hotel makes money off the transfer rates. Additional income is generated on each transaction as they make money off the transaction fees guests pay to use the ATM.