A gas station in Austin, Texas

Business Problems

  1. They didn’t have space for a full-sized ATM to service their customers.
  2. Their internet connection was spotty and frequently went down, pulling their credit card processing systems down with it.
  3. They were concerned about downtimes and the loss of revenue caused by ATM failure.

Solutions Provided by United ATM Group

  1. We installed the Genmega Onyx W, which gave them a top-of-the-line machine that hangs on the wall and takes up no floor space. It was as simple as hanging up a flat screen TV, but just as secure as a level 1 safe.
  2. We installed a wireless modem, which means the ATM will continue to run even if all of their other systems are down. A working ATM on site means they can still take cash payments even if their credit card machines are down.
  3. We installed remote monitoring software on their ATM, which allows them to reboot their ATM remotely to reset errors, pull receipts remotely, download software updates, and update surcharges. The software automatically notifies their technician via text message in the event of ATM failure. They don’t lose revenue because technician is already on the way. The immediate notifications mean their machine is up 99% of the time.